WIA Commends FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr on his 5G Announcement

(September 4, 2018) The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) issued the following statement from President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein regarding Commissioner Carr’s announcement on the FCC’s next steps on 5G deployment.

“I applaud Commissioner Carr’s announcement today in Indianapolis, Indiana, a state leading the way in 5G-forward policies, and an example for the FCC to consider for its next wireless deployment order. The steps the FCC is taking recognize the important role wireless infrastructure will play in enabling next generation wireless broadband. Wireless infrastructure will help the United States continue to be the global leader in wireless innovation, and I commend the entire FCC for its work. In his announcement, Commissioner Carr rightly reaffirmed a balanced framework with localities over wireless infrastructure decisions where appropriate, while ensuring that common-sense guardrails apply to actions that inhibit broadband deployment. The partnerships between the wireless industry and local communities remains crucial to 5G deployment and Commissioner Carr’s announcement strikes a positive tone to build upon them.

“I thank Commissioner Carr, Chairman Pai, and the other Commissioners for showing great leadership on 5G infrastructure deployment. We will continue to support the Commission in its efforts to make 5G a reality for every American.”