FCC Makes Historic Move to Reduce Barriers to Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) issued the following statement from Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of WIA, regarding actions taken today by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the impact those actions will have on the wireless infrastructure industry.

“This marks an historic day for the deployment of wireless infrastructure and the mobile economy on which it relies. The FCC is moving quickly on an extraordinarily aggressive agenda that puts every major broadband deployment issue on the table. The FCC’s comprehensive review of regulations that govern the deployment of wireless infrastructure will speed the ability of the wireless industry to deliver the mobile networks needed to support public safety, encourage economic development, and improve the quality of life of Americans.

“Specifically, the wireless infrastructure NPRM and NOI aim to remove unnecessary obstacles that stand in the way of the efficient and responsible deployment of wireless infrastructure. Removing these barriers will help industry meet burgeoning demand today, and is key to the rollout of 5G mobile networks that will provide the foundation on which so much of our future will be built.

“We are especially encouraged by the goals set out in the NPRM. In encouraging economic growth and national leadership, the FCC must thoughtfully intervene when state, local, and tribal processes for siting applications for wireless facilities are harming the people and businesses that rely on robust mobile networks. WIA works closely with state and local governments, and many increasingly recognize the need to facilitate broadband deployment, and we support the FCC’s effort to address those municipalities that present unreasonable barriers to delivering greater wireless coverage and capacity to the public.

“In addition to the FCC’s focus on wireless infrastructure, WIA commends the Commission for shining a spotlight on the need to remove barriers in the deployment of wireline networks. We are pleased the FCC seeks to reform its pole attachment rules to streamline access to poles, ducts, conduits, and rights-of-way. As the amount of data moving across wireline and wireless networks continues to increase, the FCC must act to advance deployment of all network elements without unnecessary impediments. Streamlined processes for all manner of network infrastructure—from the fiber backhaul and small cells that are needed to the macro sites that stand at the center of it all—will play a vital role in the deployment of next-generation networks and increased broadband connectivity.”

“WIA looks forward to participating in these important dockets.”