WIA Praises Administration’s American Broadband Initiative Report

Feb. 13, 2019 
Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac, Public Affairs Manager 

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) commends the Administration on the release of its American Broadband Initiative (ABI) Milestones Report, which includes important recommendations on how the federal government and the private sector can partner to increase broadband access to all areas of the United States, specifically rural areas.  

“WIA strongly supports the ABI report and thanks the Trump Administration for its focus on ensuring that all Americans have access to robust broadband and the benefits it brings to communities across the country,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “The recommendations included in the report will alleviate numerous barriers to wireless broadband deployment by encouraging investment to propel broadband access across the country. I’m thrilled that many of the recommendations on federal siting from the report of the Federal Lands Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee Working Group I chaired were included. WIA has been working for nearly two decades on reforming infrastructure siting on federal property, and the ABI hits the nail on the head. WIA is encouraged by the interagency collaboration that produced an effective and aggressive timeline for accountability to address and implement the needs of wireless consumers.”