WIA Statement on the FCC’s Adoption of Digital Discrimination Rules

ARLINGTON, Va. – Please attribute the following statement to WIA President and CEO Patrick Halley.

“All Americans deserve access to the best wireless networks in the world – and a highly competitive U.S. wireless industry delivers on that promise every day. Virtually every American has access to three or more 4G providers and 5G service already reaches 325 million Americans. Ensuring access to these networks is important, and there are many efforts underway by industry and government to facilitate such access. Unfortunately, the Digital Discrimination Order adopted by the FCC today is unprecedented in scope and unworkably vague. It’s unfortunate that the FCC chose not to take steps to facilitate more competition and more deployment and instead took the regulatory fork in the road.”

About WIA:

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) represents the businesses that build, develop, own, and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure. WIA advocates for the widespread, responsible deployment of wireless infrastructure to enable connectivity everywhere.

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