WIA Statement on White House 5G Announcements

April 12, 2019
Contact: Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac, Public Affairs Manager

Please attribute the following statement to WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein.

“I applaud President Trump’s strong commitment to maintaining U.S. leadership in 5G. Today’s announcements will keep the U.S. on track to lead the world in 5G deployment and reap the benefits of next generation wireless networks, unleashing a wave of economic growth and innovation.

“Specifically, the auction of 3,400 MHz of millimeter-wave spectrum is a huge step to making enough spectrum available to meet the data and bandwidth demands of 5G services. Under Chairman Pai’s leadership, the FCC has shown incredible foresight in preparing for 5G, by already auctioning nearly 5 GHz of spectrum for 5G use and by reducing several unnecessary barriers to 5G infrastructure deployment. The Administration is also taking important steps in workforce development to help train a 5G workforce with the right skills.  The President and Chairman Pai recognize that all three fronts – spectrum, pro-investment siting policy, and workforce development – are essential to U.S. leadership in 5G.

“WIA also welcomes President Trump and Chairman Pai’s support for a private sector, market-driven approach to 5G buildout. Over the past three decades and the previous four iterations of wireless generations, this approach has proven the most effective way to drive investment in wireless networks, and 5G is no exception.”