WIA Supports Broadband Mapping and Spectrum Bills

Arlington, VA. – WIA supports the passage of broadband mapping bills H.R. 4229 and H.R. 4227 and the spectrum bill H.R. 5000 from the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“In order to effectively deploy broadband across the United States, we need the most accurate broadband maps possible. Both the Broadband DATA Act and the MAPS Acts are positive steps to fix America’s broadband maps and help better determine where to spend limited capital on broadband deployment,” said WIA Vice President of Government and Public Affairs Matt Mandel. “WIA thanks Reps. Loebsack, Latta, McEachin, and Long for their leadership on these bills.”

“In addition, the Committee also favorably reported the SHARE Act, which will help bring make more spectrum available. WIA thanks Chairman Doyle and Reps. Latta, Peters, and Walberg for recognizing how vital spectrum-sharing is for the country to reap the benefits of next-generation wireless services,” said Mandel.


November 21, 2019
Contact: Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac | Public Affairs Manager
703-621-0527 | Amy-Gabrielle.Bartolac@wia.org