WIA Supports Georgia’s New Small Cell Law

April 26, 2019

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) commends Gov. Kemp (R-Ga.) for signing Georgia’s small cell bill into law just moments ago.

“WIA commends Gov. Kemp for expeditiously signing Georgia’s small cell bill into law. Georgia joins 23 other states in adopting a legislative measure that puts the state on the path to 5G readiness. This legislation will help to bring jobs, economic growth, and innovation to the Peach State,” said WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “Enacting this bill will increase investment in 5G deployment across the state, and Georgians will soon be able to reap the benefits of next-generation wireless services. WIA is pleased to have supported this balanced and bipartisan bill. I thank the sponsors of the bill for their hard work and Gov. Kemp for his leadership in bringing the measure over the finish line.”


Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac, Public Affairs Manager