WIA Supports Telecommunications Skilled Workforce Act, “The Right Initiative at the Right Time”

Statement from WIA President and CEO Jonathan Adelstein on the Telecommunications Skilled Workforce Act:

“The Telecommunications Skilled Workforce Act is the right initiative at the right time because it will spur urgently needed action to develop the trained workforce the U.S. needs to win the global race to 5G. It will coordinate and focus federal attention on wireless workforce development so that the entire economy can benefit from the three million jobs and $500 billion in growth 5G will create. We are especially thrilled with the bill’s focus on creating apprenticeships through the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program, which Sens. Thune, Tester, Wicker, Moran, and Peters have singled out for its ability to build the skilled workforce demanded by the growing complexity of wireless technology.”

Find out more in the press release from the Office of Senator John Thune (R-SD): https://www.thune.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/press-releases?ID=835E82A0-8C3A-4A99-B035-B3D5C1D4B9F0


February 27, 2020

Amy-Gabrielle Bartolac | Public Affairs Manager, WIA
Amy-Gabrielle.Bartolac@wia.org | 703-621-0527