WIA Thanks Chairman Wheeler for Service with FCC

The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) issued the following statement from Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of WIA, regarding the announcement that Tom Wheeler will step down from his role as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Jan. 20, 2017.

“Chairman Wheeler led the FCC during a time of important technological change within the wireless industry. He understood the vital need for increased wireless infrastructure,” said Jonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of WIA. “We thank him for his public service and his commitment to the issues our industry sees as key to the future of mobile communications. Under his leadership, the FCC successfully sped up processes to upgrade infrastructure to 4G and cleared the runway for 5G deployment. WIA is grateful to Chairman Wheeler and his staff for working with us on multiple fronts to streamline the regulatory environment and deliver mobile broadband to more citizens across the country.”