Wireless and 5G training just got better with E-learning options


This last year tested many assumptions we had about training and managing our workforce. Many offices and training sites closed, travel was cut back, and social distancing made in-person training a lot more challenging. Not to mention the economic pressures many companies have faced.

So did we stop training? Yes and no.

A lot of traditional training — at conferences, in classrooms, and at worksites — came to a halt. But more and more companies experimented with virtual training. This is exactly what happened with the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA)’s Telecommunications Education Center (TEC). We stepped up livestreaming and webinar training. And we invested in high-quality eLearning.

I’m pleased to announce our two newest eLearning offerings of two of our most popular courses: “Macro Fundamentals” and “DAS and Small Cell Basics.” Developed and tested by industry experts, they cover critical content — including the different uses of towers and small cells, basics of site planning, wiring concepts, and radio frequencies — in an accessible, easy-to-use format. They feature video and animation, interactivity, and frequent knowledge checks so learners stay engaged and can proceed at their own pace.

These courses are perfect for new workers, but they are also designed for experienced employees who can learn important information about why equipment is set up the way it is, and what to look for on the job site. The courses also dive into the latest technologies and impact of 4G and 5G deployment.

Why does this matter? According to WIA’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Rikin Thakker, “What is unique about 5G is that it is being deployed at the macro tower level and through small cell architecture. Understanding the basic functionality of macro cell sites and how they work with small cells is essential for everyone who wishes to play a role in the 5G ecosystem.”

Now that we are turning the corner on a pandemic economy, 5G deployment is booming, many companies are hiring, and training will be a priority. The good news is that we have even more options for delivering state-of-the-art training. I invite you to browse our catalog of in-person classes, instructor-led webinars, and expanding eLearning options.

Reach out to Kelsey Trundle, Director of TEC Development, at kelsey.trundle@wia.org, for more information and to learn how WIA can address your 5G training needs.