Wireless Networks Will Play a Key Role in Connecting People on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year as date nights and social gatherings may be replaced with face masks and social distancing. But finding safe ways to connect is more important than ever, and wireless networks provide the means by which people around the world can still celebrate the holiday and connect meaningfully this year. 

According to a recent Verizon survey, technology will likely play a big role in Valentine’s Day celebrations this year. The survey found 46 million people plan to call, text or video chat with loved ones this Valentine’s Day, and 7 million plan to go on a virtual date. The company said it typically experiences a 6.5 percent increase in text messages on Cupid’s favorite day. 

When they aren’t reaching out to loved ones, many people will use their wireless devices to make Valentine’s Day special. About 40 percent of survey respondents said they plan to order flowers or chocolates from local businesses on Valentine’s Day, and 42 percent say they will order takeout from a local restaurant. Verizon said its network traffic to top florist sites nearly doubled last year on Valentine’s Day 

For those staying in this year, broadband will help make celebrations special. Fifteen million people plan to cook their Valentine’s Day dinner with the help of YouTube this year, and 40 million plan to listen to their favorite music during their date, while 25 million plan to catch up on their streaming queue, according to the survey. According to a Wallet Hub survey, the most common virtual date ideas this year are playing a game together (31 percent), having a drink together (29 percent), spending time chatting (25 percent) and watching a movie or TV show together (15 percent). 

Valentine’s Day is a gift-giving occasion for many. Wallet Hub expects people to spend about $1.8 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts, with jewelry, flowers and candy topping the list. Thirty-eight percent of those shoppers will make their Valentine’s Day purchases online. 

After the difficult year the world has endured, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the power of connection.