WWLF @ Connect (X): Harnessing the Power of Your Workforce

“We have a big problem in this industry, in this country and in the world,” said Carrie Charles, chief executive officer of telecom staffing firm Broadstaff, opening a panel focused on the wireless workforce at Connect (X) in Denver. “This is one of the most complicated times in the history of our world when it comes to the labor market. We have a labor shortage. People are leaving their jobs by the droves. They’re going to different places. They’re changing their minds. They’re looking at what’s meaningful for them.”

Charles noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the culture of work, creating new workplace environments and rules, spawning the Great Resignation, and amplifying the importance of diversity and inclusion. The panel, “Harnessing the Power of Your Workforce,” delved into the workforce challenges the industry is facing. Panelists included Blair Crawford, vice president of national accounts and marketing for Vertical Bridge and former executive director of industry relations at the Women’s Wireless Leadership Forum; Lynn Whitcher, general counsel at MD7 and WWLF’s director of education; Leslie Freeman-Kowalczyk, principal of the telecom engineering department at WT Group and director of membership at WWLF; Amanda Cahill, senior director of business development at Network Connex and president of WWLF; and Beth Martindale, vice president of WWLF and senior project manager for wireless at Mears Broadband.

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