Zouheir Mansourati Takes New Role As Vitruvi™ Software’s New Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

Vitruvi™ Software has announced Zouheir Mansourati, former Vice President of Broadband Implementation with Telus, will serve as Vitruvi’s new Chief Growth Officer.

Mansourati had been instrumental in advising Vitruvi™ as a member of its Board of Directors over the past 2 years. He will now assume a more prominent role in guiding the Canadian-based SaaS company’s ongoing growth and expansion as it continues to bring greater efficiency to complex, multi-site construction projects.

As CGO, Mansourati will serve as one of the main public faces and lead ambassador for Vitruvi. He will champion the company and its products at conferences, trade and industry events. In addition to leading Vitruvi’s growth strategy and supporting corporate sales, he will be responsible for guiding product development, product release and service delivery.

Mansourati brings nearly three decades of experience in the telecommunication industry to Vitruvi, specializing in voice switching systems, data communication and IP/optical networking. He started at Bell-Northern Research (BNR), where he served in many executive roles: from product management to customer network planning to business development.

“Vitruvi’s telecommunication network clients will directly benefit from Zouheir’s c-suite expertise,” said Bryan McIver, President and CEO of Vitruvi Software.

“He adds to an executive team that has direct, first-hand telecom industry experience. Zouheir fully understands the challenges our clients face in managing complex construction projects of scale – and is a passionate advocate for optimizing project efficiency through a shared technology platform.”

Prior to joining the telecom industry, Mansourati was a respected and highly published academic. He holds a Maîtrise ès Sciences from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, and an M.Sc. and PhD. in mathematics from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

“Zouheir was invaluable as a member of our board. We are thrilled to have his brilliant mind and experience working for Vitruvi and our clients on a day-to-day basis,” McIver said.