Julia Prybys

By Kristen Beckman

When I think about my career, what I have accomplished, and what I’m still planning to do, my greatest pride and motivation is consistently in helping to bring new, impactful, value-driven technical solutions to my customers.

In my current role at Anterix, I am thrilled to provide a game-changing offering that intersects telecommunications and utilities and solves some of the greatest challenges I’ve observed faced by the utilities industry. The capabilities and benefits that private wireless broadband networks provide to utilities, from enhanced security to greater resilience, improved safety, and more integration of clean energy resources, unlocks immense possibilities for the electric grid. We are an integral part of a groundbreaking, industry-wide transformation that will have profound implications for utilities and their customers for decades to come.

I could not be more excited to support and be a participant in enabling this dramatic transformation of private wireless networks within the utility industry.