Daniel C. Agresta III

Mr. Agresta, a 27-year veteran of the telecommunications industry, is the President & CEO of APC Towers and APC Telecom Services (APC). Mr. Agresta also serves as the Co-Chairman for WIA’s

Kelly Lazuka

Kelly Lazuka started her career in the wireless industry 25 years ago as a site acquisition specialist leasing land for new AT&T towers.  Before joining Fullerton in 2021, she was

Julia Prybys

When I think about my career, what I have accomplished, and what I’m still planning to do, my greatest pride and motivation is consistently in helping to bring new, impactful,

Pam Parrish

What resonates most with me from my career at Symphony Wireless is the wide range of site owners we have been able to help – individuals, families, small and large

Melinda Lee

During my time at Symphony Wireless, I’ve been fortunate to be part of an underwriting team that actively fosters my growth. Having the opportunity to work on different deal structures

Juliana de Andrade Santos

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of being a part of Symphony Wireless, a journey that has been professionally fulfilling. My background is in the commercial real