Sarah Channon

Sarah Channon currently serves as Director of Sales and Business Development at WIA, bringing 15 years of commercial, strategic, and client centric experience. Prior to joining WIA, Sarah led the

Shay Harris

Shay Harris serves as Staff Coordinator & Executive Assistant to WIA President and CEO Patrick Halley. She proudly wears the “Jill of All Trades” hat, as she is responsible for

Trish Wildt

Trish Wildt currently serves as WIA’s Director of Meetings and Events, where she leads the logistics team in producing Connect (X) and other WIA events throughout the year. Prior to

Kailan Wilson

Kailan Wilson is the Project Coordinator of Workforce Development for the Wireless Infrastructure Association. She brings over 5 years of experience in workforce development. Kailan graduated summa cum laude from

Madeline Sorg

Madeline Sorg currently serves as WIA’s Government Affairs Associate, where she provides support for the Government Affairs team on federal, state, and regulatory issues.  Prior to joining WIA, Madeline was

Patrick Halley

Patrick Halley is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA). WIA represents over 140 companies that develop, build, own and operate the nation’s wireless infrastructure and