David Barton

“The wireless industry highlights the need for personal initiative, the ability to identify issues and come up with solutions in a timely manner. Generally these are traits that are honed

Ernesto Santiago

“The wireless industry is very important for Veterans because it is always changing and getting better. That way we can keep up with the changes and share the knowledge to

Todd Jones

“Integrity is of the utmost importance in telecommunications. What we learned in the military was: You don’t get what you expect … you get what you inspect.”

Mary Bryant

“Like the military, the telecommunications industry has a concrete mission that inspires people. I have found a huge passion in this industry, much like my time in the Marine Corps.

Andy Dykstra

“The wireless industry is fast paced, turbulent and ever-evolving to meet demand for high speed wireless internet and connectivity. Many veterans have experience in a similar environment and are extremely adaptable

Adam Ashley

 “Telecom is a growing field that deals with constant change and expansion so there is a great deal of job security. The many facets of the industry also ensure there