Amelia De Jesus

Amelia De Jesus is the Vice President of Workforce Solutions at the Wireless Infrastructure Association, leading the development of WIA’s Workforce Services as the association focuses on developing America’s highly

Mike Saperstein

Mike Saperstein is the Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Chief Strategy Officer for WIA. Mike leads the association’s external and government advocacy. Mike joins WIA from the law firm of

Deb Bennett

Deb Bennett is WIA’s Vice President of Apprenticeship, leading the operations of the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP) to provide technical assistance, training resources, support, and access to incentive

Sarah Channon

Sarah Channon currently serves as Director of Sales and Business Development at WIA, bringing 15 years of commercial, strategic, and client centric experience. Prior to joining WIA, Sarah led the

Shay Harris

Shay Harris serves as Staff Coordinator & Executive Assistant to WIA President and CEO Patrick Halley. She proudly wears the “Jill of All Trades” hat, as she is responsible for

Trish Wildt

Trish Wildt currently serves as WIA’s Director of Meetings and Events, where she leads the logistics team in producing Connect (X) and other WIA events throughout the year. Prior to