Sarah Channon

By Marshall Miller

Sarah Channon currently serves as Director of Sales and Business Development at WIA, bringing 15 years of commercial, strategic, and client centric experience.

Prior to joining WIA, Sarah led the commercial functions for brands across the telecoms industry, including a leading international wireless infrastructure media company where she set the sales strategy, launched new revenue streams, and connected industry leaders across the globe.

At WIA, Sarah is now responsible for delivering strategic solutions for partners across the connectivity ecosystem. Her main objective is to offer value and collaborative ideas for industry leaders as part of the Meetings and Events team, which is responsible for Connect (X) – the largest 5G infrastructure event in North America.

Having recently relocated back to the US after 15 years in the UK, Sarah spends her time outside the office teaching her British husband the difference between “chips” and “fries,” reconnecting with family and friends, and obsessively texting her son who is attending University in London.