viaPhoton’s Highly Engineered HyperReach™ Solution Earns First Place at BICSI’s Technology Showcase 2022

viaPhoton, a leading fiber solutions provider, earned First Place in the Copper Fiber Cable, Connectors & Connectorization category at BICSI’s 2022 Winter Technology Showcase in Orlando, Florida. After showcasing their HyperReach™ Solution, viaPhoton was voted as the winner by conference attendees.

“We are honored to be recognized by the attendees of BICSI for our innovative engineered solutions,” said Baber Abbas, CEO of viaPhoton. “We are changing the norm within the fiber industry by simplifying the buying experience and leveraging high-quality, advanced manufacturing technologies.”

The award-winning HyperReach™ Solution is a high-density integrated data center fiber and copper cabling solution that simplifies the design, ordering, and installation of the cabling infrastructure. The unique, modular design of viaPhoton’s HyperReach Solution enables multiple physical layer designs to be housed in the same panel, permitting splicing, LC, MPO, and copper connectivity.

viaPhoton’s Nathan Benton, VP of Sales, brought his extensive knowledge of data center design to BICSI and delivered a Masterclass on the significance of Network Latency. In the class, Benton discussed how network operators and financial institutions mitigate the effects of latency through network design, placement of edge data centers, and new developments in fiber optic cabling technologies.

BICSI, a professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology (ICT) profession, welcomed exhibitors from January 30 to February 3 to showcase their newest and most innovative products and services representing a wide range of ICT-related fields.

About viaPhoton 

viaPhoton is a leading fiber solutions provider specializing in end-to-end connectivity. A customer-first approach combined with cutting-edge technology enables viaPhoton to manufacture in the US, shrinking lead times and bringing high-paying manufacturing jobs back to America. To learn more about viaPhoton’s fiber solutions, visit:

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