Jillianne Newcomer

My noteworthy achievement involved the establishment and management of A&E and construction services department for a major customer in the Carolinas and Tennessee Market, marking a pivotal project in my

Gloria Arevalo Aguilar

One of my most memorable achievements comes from the time I started in the wireless industry 20 years ago.  Back then, I joined a local operator to build a Fixed

Staci Pies

My career as a public policy advocate and telecom lawyer has been incredibly fulfilling. I’ve navigated the dynamic wireless communications industry, helping to shape cutting-edge technologies through policies that foster

Jean Marie Frawley

Jean Marie has headed up our American Water Program for over 23 years. In this role she must work for both American Water as well as carriers who are looking

Victoria Weidenthaler

In November 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act came into law establishing the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program. BEAD set an unprecedented amount of funding ($42.5B) towards

Theresa Thompson

SBA Communications is a leading independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure. During my twelve-year career in the wireless infrastructure industry at SBA Communications, I have had the incredible