Jana Parker

A memorable achievement I’ve had while working in the wireless infrastructure industry is always getting the deal to the finish line. Specifically, being new to the team and working on

Daniella Andujar

I have worked in real estate for over 15 years, and with my recent transition to the wireless industry, I already see a vast difference in what real estate means

Barbara Gruson

Transitioning from a two-decade career in real estate and serving as an advisor at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development marked a significant shift for me. What helped

Alyssa Davis

The most meaningful part of my role in the wireless industry is closing deals with women small business owners! Knowing that our proceeds will go toward stimulating an established part

Alexis Veres

As one of the first hires at Symphony Wireless as a Senior Accountant, I was heavily involved in establishing the policies and procedures for the Accounting department which included implementing

Jillianne Newcomer

My noteworthy achievement involved the establishment and management of A&E and construction services department for a major customer in the Carolinas and Tennessee Market, marking a pivotal project in my