Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

Julie Song

Advanced RF Technologies Inc. (ADRF)

“My most memorable achievement in the wireless industry was when ADRF supported Tier 1 Carriers (T1C) with First On Air (FOA) deployments to prove that 5G coverage and capacity can be supported in buildings using Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We are proud to have successfully demonstrated, alongside T1C’s and a neutral host operator (NHO), how TDD sync worked for 5GNR indoors at a major luxury hotel when Los Angeles hosted the Super Bowl in 2022.

One upcoming achievement that may even hold a more special place for me is when ADRF becomes the first DAS OEM to support a T1C in deploying C-band at an airport, helping prove to the FAA that C-band spurious emissions do not interfere with the 4200-4400MHz radar altimeter band. Contributing as a vital member of the wireless infrastructure community and being able to assist the entire industry and ecosystem with generational network upgrades is extremely gratifying and humbling.”