Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

Dolores Guarnaccia

Director of Construction – Central
American Tower

“My most successful project was establishing the Construction Services department with a new client in the Midwest. It was a significant undertaking that required careful planning, preparation and execution. By assembling a team of experts, establishing processes and procedures, and maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders, my department delivered a successful project that met the client’s needs and expectations.

This was a significant accomplishment that required a great deal of effort and expertise. One of the key challenges I faced was learning and understanding the customer’s needs. This involved consulting with the client to understand their expectations, goals, and objectives for the project.

Another challenge was training the team to execute the program successfully. This required a comprehensive approach to personnel management, including hiring, training and mentoring. I also needed to establish processes and procedures that were tailored to the client’s needs, as well as systems for communication, documentation and quality control.

Despite these challenges, my team and I were able to overcome them and deliver a successful program that exceeded the client’s needs and expectations. My achievement demonstrates my ability to lead and manage complex projects, as well as my commitment to customer satisfaction and quality control.”