Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

Patti Paulo

SVP, Planning & Operations

“I have been blessed throughout my 20+ year career in telecommunications to have had the ability to learn so many facets of the industry, with my primary focus and passion being on operations and process improvement. I’ve specifically been in the wireless industry for 5 years, which is shorter than most, and I’d say that’s been the most recent notable challenge.

I’ve spent the majority of my career concentrating on fiber infrastructure, so the wireless equipment and installation were unfamiliar to me. I like to say that I’ll never stop learning new things because that’s true of everything in life. Understanding the operational problems in the wireless business has been my toughest struggle since switching to the ‘other’ side of telecom. Efficiency and continuous learning have been the guiding principles in both my professional and personal life.

I’ve been lucky that the leadership, support and latitude at Extenet have allowed me to really dive in and determine how best to improve our delivery and customer support, all while leading our Outside Plant organization. We updated key measurement and performance indicators and implemented a new platform to help manage the aforementioned delivery targets. I can proudly say that throughout this journey, I have witnessed myself and my organization grow and become infinitely more efficient while also establishing a culture of camaraderie, trust, respect, and pride.”