Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

Jennifer Van Riper

Director, Access Construction & Engineering

“In my 19 years at AT&T, I have supported teams that have built incredible things, including sites at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol, and network deployments for multiple presidential inaugurations. We have built every conceivable type of stealth structure to minimize the impact to communities. Through this work, I have met members of Congress, governors, mayors and council people. While I have enjoyed all of this, it is not what drives me. I am proud to say my most memorable achievements in the wireless infrastructure industry have come from mentorship and community engagement.

I am a proud mentor to women in telecommunications. Watching those I have been able to support move on to flourish and become industry leaders has been remarkable.

In addition, AT&T Employee Resource Groups provide funding and structure for local chapters to do work that is meaningful in our communities. One such group is Women of AT&T, which was created to connect and inspire members to achieve their personal and professional goals and affect change in their communities. I serve as a board member for my local chapter of Women of AT&T, collaborating with a wonderful group of female leaders. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for college scholarships, professional development, women’s shelters, afterschool programming, summer camp, backpacks and even an ice cream truck. If it impacts women in our community we are dedicated to helping.

Connecting people with technology is what I do, but being IN connection with people is what I love.”

*Nominated by Saul Ewing LLP