Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

Kelsie Ostrander

Kelsie Ostrander

XRAN Senior Analyst NOC
JMA Wireless

“Working in the telecommunications industry for 6 years at JMA Wireless has transformed my career and professional growth. I was asked to join a new and growing team a few years ago, helping launch a brand-new managed services product line, and though I admittedly had limited experience and background in that area, JMA leaders had confidence in my skills and abilities.

My most memorable achievement this past year was building strong relationships and trust amongst my peers, leaders and customers – by investing time and devoting myself to understanding our products in-depth and learning our customers’ needs and how to solve them. It has been highly rewarding, because it enabled me to apply my efforts and learnings into managing a professional football coach-to-coach communication system across 600+ games in two seasons. The project’s success gained traction for far more opportunities. 

As most women know, being the only woman in a room sometimes comes with its own challenges. With that in mind, stepping out of my comfort zone and into the spotlight at times helped me grow in my career and gain the confidence and respect with my well-regarded peers, all while being a part of a bigger success story – it’s truly inspiring. 

I encourage all women – and especially those in the wireless industry – to seek ways to learn and develop yourself and within your team. Take those uncomfortable steps you normally wouldn’t – they help you reach your true potential and impact! I look forward to this year, and where it brings me and technology in this fast-paced and ever-growing industry.”