Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

Kay Papantoniou

Managing Director, Global Head of Human Resources

“Being the Global Head of Human Resources at a global fast-paced expanding organization like DigitalBridge has been challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. Balancing the demands of a growing organization while also implementing effective HR policies and programs across diverse cultures and geographies including the Americas, Europe and the APAC regions requires adaptability, strategic thinking, and strong communication skills. Nonetheless, the opportunity to shape and influence the company culture and support the growth of our talented and diverse Investment Management workforce has made it an exciting and fulfilling experience.

In my role at DigitalBridge, I have had the unique opportunity to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts within the firm and the infrastructure space. By leveraging my expertise in HR, together with my co-chair, and supported by equally passionate partners, I have implemented policies and programs that promote DEI across our global workforce, from recruitment and training to career advancement and leadership development. Additionally, I have collaborated with our portfolio companies, external partners and industry organizations to drive meaningful change and increase representation and opportunities for underrepresented groups within the infrastructure sector. Through my role at DigitalBridge, I have been able to raise awareness and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive industry that better reflects the international communities we serve.

The DigitalBridge business model considers ideas collectively and makes decisions democratically offering a voice to all, avoiding unconscious bias and promoting creativity, fairness and ultimately success.  I continue to learn about the digital infrastructure sector from intelligent professionals and colleagues that I am privileged and honored to work with.”