Noteworthy Women in Wireless Infrastructure – 2023

LaTavia Bowens

Senior Vice President, Client Management

“My most memorable achievement as a leader in the wireless industry has never been about me personally. I’ve often been the first woman and person of color in the room and while that is cause for celebration, my biggest accomplishment has been paving the way and providing sound mentorship to others. I love watching mentees grow in their careers and I strive to instill a ‘can do, get after it’ mindset.

The wireless industry offers tremendous growth opportunities for those who are curious, tenacious, and willing to learn. I’ve seen people new to the wireless sector transition from a project coordinator to director level in as little as five years. Some leaders may frown on this timeline, but I appreciate that this industry rewards those that seek opportunity, volunteer for the hard stuff and are open to mentorship.

Tilson is experiencing incredible growth and hiring people from a diverse range of backgrounds. We have over a hundred open positions nationwide for those looking to break into the industry or find their next career path. It’s very rewarding to be a mentor and help the team grow in their careers. It is my legacy and I love it here.”